Prof Studies Pricing Strategies - what makes consumers open their wallets?

October 10th - Sergio Meza, MCS Faculty Member; You’d have a hard time finding a grocery store that doesn’t carry store-brand products these days. Usually, they are lower-quality than the national brands, but they are also less expensive, so many shoppers will choose them over the pricier competitors. But the store brands and national brands may not really be on a level playing field, says marketing professor Sergio Meza. “The retailer is in charge of pricing for both the national brands and the store brands owned by the retailer.

Canadian Consumers Need Transparency

October 9th - Sylvain Charlebois MCS faculty member comments on food safety systems in Canada. Article featured in the Ottawa Citizen. In the wake of the XL Foods tainted meat outbreak, the general consensus among politicians and union leaders is that Canada should retain the services of more federal inspectors in order to elevate the quality of our food safety systems, arguing that this is only way to effectively reduce the number of future outbreaks.

Shame A Key Risk Factor For Compulsive Buying, Study Shows

September 20th 2012 - If you find yourself spending far too much time and money shopping, you are not alone. However, unlike shoppers with a mere penchant for impulse buying, pathological compulsive buyers often experience considerable distress after shopping, not just pangs of guilt. Seven per cent of compulsive buyers in America suffer from underlying chronic shame, says marketing and consumer studies professor Sunghwan Yi. The complete article on the University of Guelph webpage.

Music can help make the meal, University of Guelph research suggest

September 4th, 2012 - To university students, a restaurant’s musical taste is important as its décor, says a University of Guelph researcher. Kevin Chang, a master’s student and researcher in U of G’s Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, says music can subconsciously affect diners’ experiences, in addition to food and service quality. In his research, he found the music must not only be good – however diners define it – but it must be appropriate for the establishment.

CME Students WOW the Audience at CSA's First Annual national Academic Challenge

July 27th 2012:  Three teams totalling 8 students from the Quality Management course offered by the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies were selected to present the results of their course projects on quality in education at the Canadian Standards Association's First Annual National Academic Challenge in Quebec City in June 2012.  The three projects were selected by a panel of five judges (Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Joanne Emeneau, and Diane Dobbins - all from the CME Dean's Office, Amy Faria, a Marketing and Consumer Studies M.Sc. student, and Dr.

July 12: Marketing and Consumer Studies Professor Researches Dark Tourism

Brent MacKenzie, Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, caught the eye of a reporter from Guelph Mercury who recently discovered his research topic, "Dark Tourism in HELL," while exploring various research interests at the University of Guelph.

CME Students, Acting Dean Playing Role in Brazil Mission

April 26, 2012 - Campus Bulletin

University of Guelph business students and their professor will meet high-ranking government and university officials in Brazil this week.

Prof. Sylvain Charlebois, acting dean of the College of Management and Economics (CME) — along with marketing students Ben Bickers and Maggie Chen, and accounting student Dave Howard — will attend an “Education in Canada” reception Friday in Sao Paulo.

April 10 - Case Competition Winners Headed to Brazil

“You can tell they have salespeople on their team.” That was what Martin Stocker, president of Metalumen Manufacturing Inc., a Guelph-based lighting systems company, said about the team of students who made the best business pitch during the Bridges to International Practice Competition on April 2.

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