LEED-Certified Apartments Earn Higher Rental Rates

Avis Devine - Assistant Professor in Marketing and Consumer Studies, Real Estate and Finance examines the significance of LEED-Certified properties. 

Study examines the rental rates achieved by LEED certified multifamily properties and find a 9% premium, double that of “green,” non-certified properties.

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Avis Devine - My Sustainability Story









Marketing and Consumer Studies - Real Estate and Housing Assistant Professor Avis Devine discusses sustainability in the real estate realm. 

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Associate Professor Dr. Brent McKenzie discusses dark tourism

Associate Professor Dr. Brent McKenzie Marketing and Consumer Studies Associate Professor Dr. Brent McKenzie discusses "dark tourism" with the Research Matters Team. When asked what dark tourism was McKenzie explains that "dark tourism is about traveling to sites of death, suffering or the macabre". McKenzie goes on to further explain that "the darkest tourism site would be somewhere like Auschwitz. It's a place where actual deaths occurred. It has materials and remnants of that period.

Congratulations to the "No Tippy Tappy" Fall 2014 Project Winners

MCS*4910 Project Winners Congratulations to the "No Tippy Tappy" (NTT)  Project Winners. "The Wasps" which included Gilian, Ashah, Maxwell and, Omaima (pictured with NTT Administrator Sherol Steinberg, far right) were awarded first place for their presentation proposal for "No Tippy Tappy", a local company that conducts training programs and soccer camps under the direction of former professional player Ross Smith (pictured far left).

Congratulations to the REH case competition finalists

REH Case Competition Student Finalists We are overjoyed to congratulate our student finalists Justin Aguiar, Sean Atkinson, Chris Dynes, Dan Foch, Lindsey Lippert and, Otto Wramhed. The case competitions continuously complement what is learned in the classrooms and once again, this year a select number of University of Guelph Real Estate and Housing students took part in the Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition.

For CBaSE's Amy Faria, returning to U of G was a home coming

Amy Faria MCS Alumni  The Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship (CBaSE) recently celebrate its fifth anniversary, and the addition of a new team member. This new team member came in the form of Student Enterprise Program Manager and two-time University of Guelph Alumna, Amy Faria. Since graduating with her MSc. in Markerting and Consumer Studies, Amy has spent time teaching, traveling and, volunteering internationally.

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