Professor Sylvain Charlebois explains why our food doesn't cost more

Associate Professor Sylvain CharleboisAccording to a report on Yahoo! Canada Finance, the answers and reasons are unsettling as to why our food does not cost more. The report explains that, cheaper food prices can often mean that cost-saving additives are present in the products we purchase.

M.Sc. student Drew Harden receives grant from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for investigating unintended consequences of designated smoking areas

After completing his undergraduate degree, Drew Harden's sights weren't set on pursuing graduate education. He landed a job as a software tester and looked forward to working as a project manager, but soon realized his passion was in market research and consumer insights. Now in his second year of the M.Sc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies program, Harden is enjoying pursuing his research passion and is the proud recipient of a $20,000 research grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Professor Avis Devine interviewed by New York Times about real estate education in Canada

Photo of Avis DevinePursuing an education in real estate can open doors to a variety career options including working in development, real estate law, appraisal, property management and real estate finance, says Professor Avis Devine in an interview with the New York Times. The publication recently interviewed Devine, a former vice president at a bank in charge of real estate underwriting and evaluation, about real estate education in Canada.

Real Estate and Housing Associate Professor Paul Anglin discusses the KW housing Market on CTV News Kitchener

Associate Professor Paul Anglin On July 15th Real Estate and Housing Associate Professor Paul Anglin responded to claims from American credit ratings and research agency Fitch Ratings regarding the Canadian housing market. Fitch Ratings has claimed that Canadian homes are selling for 20 % more than their actual value. According to Professor Anglin however, although housing values might be overevaluated, Fitch Ratings' figures are unrealistic.

Undergraduate Real Estate and Housing Student collaborates with his brother to win Rental Housing Challenge

Picture of Daniel and Kyle Foch Undergraduate Real Estate and Housing Student Daniel Foch and his brother Kyle, a Undergraduate Landscape Architecture student, recently collaborated together on York Region's Make a Rental Happen Challenge. The brothers were not only successful in working together, combining their individual knowledge and skills but also, in winning the grand prize of this challenge. 

MSc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies Student Successfully Defends Thesis

MSc. Student Jennifer AlvaradoThe Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies would like to congratulate MSc. in Marketing and Consumer Studies Student, Jennfier Alvarado, on successfully defending her Master's Thesis "Are you a Lover or a Hater?: The Impact of the Brand Polarization Marketing Strategy on the Miracle Whip Facebook Brand Community". Jennifer's thesis explores the phenomenon of brand polarization.

University of Guelph Professor Emeritus Anne Wilcock, is awarded a merit in Safety Standards

Photo of Anne Wilcock The Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies is proud to announce that University Professor Emeritus Anne Wilock, has been acknowledged and awarded a merit for Safety Standards by the CSA Group. The Guelph Mercucy reported on June 17th, 2014 that the CSA honoured Professor Emeritus Anne Wilcock for the work she has done to ensure Safety Standards.

Associate Professor May Aung Celebrates with the Department's most recent Graduates, Fangzhou Xu and Kewen Chen

Photo of Fang Xu, May Aung and Kewen ChenThe Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies is proud to announce our most recent Graduates, Kewen Chen and Fangzhou Xu. Associate Professor May Aung proudly attended the University of Guelph's Convocation Ceremony on June 10th, 2014 to support these graduates. Kewen graduates from the Department's Graduate Diploma and Fangzhou graduates from the Master of Science Program. Also successfully achieving the Master of Science Degree was Neesha Mathew.

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