Why I Chose Guelph...

Current MSc student, Warren Pinto shares his experience at Guelph.

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Why I Chose Guelph...

A Taste of International Marketing

Photo of Charlie Pillitter, Mary Claire Bass, Julia Christensen Hughes, and Lefa Teng“After today, you will all be able to say that Charlie Pillitteri taught me how to taste wine,” proclaimed Mr. Pillitteri as he instructed the students of Professor Teng’s International Marketing students how to properly taste his award winning Ice Wine. This statement alone does not encompass the breadth of knowledge he shared in his guest speech.

Global Impact of Counterfeit Goods

Photo of Amy Faria volunteering in AfricaAmy Faria completed her MSc thesis "Consumer Attitudes Towards Counterfeit Goods:  The Case of Canadian and Chinese Consumers" in 2013.  After completing her MSc, Amy volunteered in Africa and is currently teaching ethics and social responsibility at Fanshawe College in London.  Read more about Amy Faria atGuelph.


Photo of Avis DevineDr. Avis Devine joined the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies - Real Estate and Housing in August 2013.  An article featured atGuelph looks at Dr. Devine's research on residential tenants who seek environmentally friendly buildings to lease and their motivations for doing so. 

Prof Takes Learning Outside the Classroom

Photo of Melanie Lang - MSc AlumniMelanie Lang is proof that learning never stops.  As a two-time CME grad, the marketing and consumer studies professor instils her love for learning in her students - both inside and outside the classroom. 

"The conferences I attend are focused on teaching and learning, research and entrepreneurial education," says Lang, B.Comm. '02 and M.Sc. '05.  "I'm always looking for little nuggets that I can apply to our program."

Sharing Knowledge Leads to New Solutions

Photo of PhD students - Eric Harvey, Rita Hansen Sterne, Collette Ward, and Anahita KhazaeiRita Hansen Sterne and Anahita Khazaie are apart of the interdisciplinary PhD in Management program unique to Guelph that draws from the strengths of three academic units within the College of Management and Economics.  These students have taken the idea of collaboration outside of CME to collaborate with two PhD students in ecology to tackle a common issue like food sustainability. 

MCS Faculty Receive SSHRC Grant

Dr. Towhid Islam and Dr. Theodore Noseworthy were among the four CME recipients of SSHRC grants.  Dr. Towhid Islam was awarded $357,322: efficacy of models used to forecast consumer choices and Dr. Theodore Noseworthy, $92,600: over-consumption and marketing of functional foods.  For a complete list of all SSHRC recipients see the University of Guelph news release

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