Distance and Continuing Education

About Open Learning and Education Support

Open Learning & Educational Support (OpenEd) promotes the University's goal of excellence in education by providing open access to high-quality courses offered through degree-credit distance education and non-degree continuing education courses and programs.

Distance Education for Learners Not in a Degree Program at U of G

If you are not currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Guelph, you are able to take degree-credit courses through the Open Learning program if you want to:

  • Apply degree-credit distance education courses to your current degree at another institution with a Letter of Permission
  • Pursue professional development through individual courses or toward a certificate
  • Take courses for personal enrichment or interest
  • Gain potential credits that can be applied to a future degree program at the University of Guelph, such as through the Guaranteed Admission Pathway

Visit the Open Learning & Educational Support website to search upcoming course offerings, view detailed course information and to register.

Distance Education for Students Enrolled in a Degree Program at U of G

If you are a University of Guelph student currently enrolled in a degree program, you may choose to take distance education courses for a variety of reasons:

  • Distance courses allow you to pick up credits while away on summer break, on a co-op job placement, or on an international semester
  • The course you want may be offered only by distance in a given semester
  • Distance courses provide you with flexibility in designing your own study schedule and/or allow you to avoid timetable conflicts
  • Learning by distance may be your preferred method

Visit the Admission Services website for a schedule of important dates, application deadlines and applicable tuition fees, and to register.

Continuing Education Program (Non-Degree)

If you are looking to take specialized non-degree courses or programs for professional development or personal interest, you may want to consider enrolling in a Continuing Education program.

Our Continuing Education programs are comprised of specialized, career-oriented face-to-face and online learning opportunities designed cooperatively with various University departments, industry, government and professional associations to meet the specific professional development needs of local, national and international audiences. Continuing Education programs are delivered on and off campus, and many courses are available online.

Visit the Open Learning & Educational Support website to search upcoming Continuing Education course and program offerings, to view detailed program information and to register.

Please contact Open Learning and Educational Support at 519-767-5000 or by email if you have questions about the above information.