Visiting and Transfer Students

The University of Guelph welcomes a variety of applicants. As a visiting student, you may find yourself wanting to pursue courses at U of G, in hopes of applying them to a university degree that you are currently studying elsewhere. Perhaps you are interested in applying to transfer to U of G from another post-secondary institution. Whatever your applicant type, let us be your next step towards achieving your academic goals.

Visiting Students

Visiting Students are undergraduate students from other universities who are admitted to the University of Guelph on the basis of a Letter of Permission issued from their home university. Their purpose in enrolling in undergraduate courses at the University of Guelph is to transfer credits back to a degree program at their home institution.

See the Admissions website for more information about applying to the University of Guelph as a Visiting Student.

Transfer Students

Transfer students, wishing to transfer to the University of Guelph, may wish to transfer into the summer semester. Summer is a great time to start, with small classes and full access to student services and resources.

See the Admissions Website for more information on applying to the University of Guelph as an External Transfer Student.