University Approval to Forward an Application/Proposal for Research Funds

Each application or proposal to be submitted to a research sponsor (government, industry, business, foundation, private or other) must be approved by the University (Office of Research Services) before the application is forwarded to the sponsor.  Each proposal must be submitted in accordance with the document regarding Office of Research Review & Minimum Processing Times.

To obtain University approval, please complete the OR-5 Research Proposal Approval Form and submit this with your application or proposal.

If your proposed research project requires any approvals/certifications (e.g. for human participants/animals/biohazards) a certification number is not required at the time of application. After you are notified of funding, you must confirm the approvals/certifications are in place before funds are released to an account.

A complete OR-5 form includes the signatures of:

  • The University of Guelph Principal Investigator (or if the project is led by another institution, any University of Guelph Co-Investigators)
  • The Department Chair/School Director (or delegate)
  • The College Dean (or delegate)

For mor information, please refer to the meaning of the Signatures on the OR-5 form.

Once approved by the university, the Office of Research will return the approved application proposal or agreement to the Principal Investigator who is responsible for submission to the sponsor (in some cases; in others, the Office of Research submits on behalf of the University) and for retaining a copy for his/her records. The number of copies required by sponsors is usually included in their information.