The University of Guelph Personal Information Bank Directory

The University of Guelph, under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [s.44], has made available this directory of Personal Information Banks. This directory outlines what personal information is held by various departments along with the uses and retention policies for that information.

If you are seeking access to your own personal information, please identify the Personal Information Bank and/or location of the personal information record in question along with your request form.

If you believe your personal information held within one of these banks has been used in a manner inconsistent with FIPPA or inconsistent with the uses outlined in this directory, please view our page on Privacy Incidents and Complaints, or contact the University Secretariat.

Type of Information Bank

Individuals in Bank

Legal Authority


Graduate and Alumni Records

Donors, potential donors, students, alumni, employees.

Alumni Affairs & Development

Community Safety Office Records

Students, employees, public.

Community Safety Office

Catering and Conference Records

Students, employees, public.

Hospitality Services

Co-op, Work Term, Final Job Placement Records

Students, employers.

Cooperative Education & Career Services

Daycare Registrant Records

Children registered in daycare centre.

Childcare and Learning Centre

Fire Prevention Records

Students, employees, public.

Community Safety Office

Housing Records

Students, public (conference and hosted guests).

Student Housing Services

Off-campus Housing Records

Public (landlords).

Off Campus Housing Office Services

Parking Service Records

Students, employees, public.

Physical Resources

Sports and Recreation Records

Students, employees, public.


Student Counselling Records

Students seeking counselling.

Student Life & Counselling Services.

Student Health and Medical Records

Student Health Services: Students, employees, public.

Student Health Services; Health and Performance Center.

Veterinary Medical Records

Students, employees, public.

Ontario Veterinary College Teaching Hospital


Students, alumni, employees, public.

Communications & Public Affairs

Public Relations Records

Prominent and/or newsworthy students, employees, public.

Communications & Public Affairs, all departments

Accounts Receivable Records

Students, employees, public.

Finance & Services, all departments

Governance Records

Board of Governors members and candidates (for elections), Senate members and candidates (for elections), award and honour candidates.

University Secretariat

Archives Services Records

Students, alumni, employees, public.

Archival and Special Collections

Art Centre Records

Artists, donors, members, volunteers.

Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

Computing and Communications Security Records

Students, employees.

Manager, Information Technology Security

Freedom of Information Records

Students, employees, public.

University Secretariat

Library Records

Students, employees, public.

University of Guelph Libraries

Computing and Communications Services Records

Students, employees.

Computing & Communications Services

Employment Related Records


Human Resources, and/or local managers' offices

Equity Records


Human Rights and Equity Office

Human Rights Records

Students, employees, public.

Human Rights and Equity Office

Occupational Health and Medical Records


Occupational Health Services

Research Records

Students, employees, public.

Office of Research

Admission, Registration and Academic history Records

Students, prospective students, employees

Office of Registrarial Services, Office of Open Learning

Grade Return and Assignment Support Records

Students, employees

Teaching Support Services

International Student Application Records


Centre for International Programs

Scholarships and Awards Records

Students applying, nominated for or receiving award/scholarship.

Office of Registrarial Services, Dean’s offices

Student Appeal Records (Disciplinary, Administrative, Academic)


Judicial Office

Student Financial Aid and Advising Records

Students seeking financial assistance.

Student Financial Services

Tests, Examinations and Assessment Records


Academic department and/or instructors' offices

Academic Advising Records


Relevant Program Counsellors' and/or Faculty Advisor's Office

Student Accessibility Records

Students seeking accessibility services.

Student Accessibility Services


“Academic” records document students’ academic progress and history. General records relate to student recruitment, admissions, course enrolment, recording of student grades, accomplishments, disciplinary matters, and other academic-related activities. General records also relate to provision of support services to students such as student financial assistance, and academic advising.

“Administration” records document the day-to-day management of the University and departmental offices.

“Alumni Affairs” records document the promotion of the University, its mission, departments and programs. General records relate to alumni relations and fundraising.

“Communications and Public Relations” records document the promotion and dissemination of information about the university and programs, ensuring good public relations. General records relate to alumni activities, ceremonies and special events, donors and fundraising, public and media relations, and publications, presentations, workshops and conferences.

“Equipment and Supplies” records document the management of the University and department equipment and supply resources, as well as provision, service, and maintenance.

“Facilities and Property” records document the management of the University and departmental facilities and properties. General records relate to space planning, construction, renovation and maintenance, rents and leases, emergency preparedness, and environmental control.

“Finance” records document the management of the University and departmental financial resources. General records relate to budget planning, investment, income and expenditure, and audits.

“Governance” records document the self-governance of the University and its offices. General records relate to establishing departments and programs, policy development, audit, dispute adjudication and investigation.

“Information Systems and Records Management” records document the management of the University’s information technology, information and cultural resources and records. General records relate to systems development, libraries, archives, and freedom of information and protection of privacy.

“Human Resources” records document the management of the University employees and contractors. General records relate to hiring, supervising, managing employee job classifications, labour relations, occupational health and safety, professional development and management of pensions and benefits

“Research” records relate to the growth of knowledge in its various branches. General records relate to administration of ethics, records concerning grants, contracts and awards for research, and industrial application of research.

“Student and Campus Services” records document the provision of support services and resources to students and members of the University community. General records relate to childcare, food and hospitality, parking, postal service, printing service, services for persons with disabilities, health care, housing and residence services, and sport and recreation.