Why can I not register in a course?

When a specific course is not an option in the list of available courses to be selected on WebAdvisor it is because it is not offered in the semester you are course selecting or adding for. Full course sections show in the list as highlighted in red, are marked Closed and have a 0/xx showing in the Available/Capacity column.

In order to determine when a specific course is normally offered you should refer to the header line for the course in its course description in Section XII--Course Descriptions of the current Undergraduate Calendar.

Each course entry includes one of S, F, W. These letters indicate the University's intention to offer the course in the Summer (S), Fall (F) or Winter (W) semester during the academic year covered by the calendar. Although courses normally will be offered in the semester indicated, students preparing their course programs are advised to consult the Undergraduate Course Timetable. The University cannot guarantee that all courses will be offered in the exact semester indicated. The letter U in place of S, F, W indicates that an intended offering has not been assigned to the course. Students should consult the Undergraduate Course Timetable posted on WebAdvisor or contact the departments offering those courses to determine the semester offerings.

Temporary Course Restrictions information -- for those restrictions not published in the Undergraduate Calendar -- are listed at https://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/courseselectionwindow