VI. Resources

Academic Advising

  • Faculty Advisors: A current list of Faculty Advisors by specialization within degree program is available on the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre website.
  • Program Counsellors: A current list of Program Counsellors by degree program is available on the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre website.
  • Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UC Level 3 (North End), Extension 56613, The role of UAIC is to provide general academic advising information to undergraduate students and professional development opportunities and resources for academic advisors.

Vice President Academic, Central Student Association

UC Level 2, Extension 56742,
The C.S.A. Vice President Academic is your student resource for any concerns, questions or comments about your academic life at Guelph. The VP Academic can provide you with support to help ensure that your academic career goes as smoothly as possible. S/he represents students on University committees, enxsuring student opinion is promoted and academic integrity is maintained. As well s/he works with university faculty and staff to provide students with programs and resources to support their academic success.

Career Counseling (Experiential Learning, Student Experience department)

Co-operative Education & Career Services Building, Extension 52214,
Career services are offered by Co-operative Education & Career Services to help students explore their academic and vocational direction, self-manage their career, and succeed in the transition to the world of work. The unit also provides access to a wide and varied range of employment possibilities.

Counseling Services (Student Wellness Services)

Powell Building, Extension 53244,
Counseling Services provides a variety of personal counseling services to students (including individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, assessment and referral, and where appropriate,medication and hospitalization). Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary mental health team. Counseling Services respects confidentiality at all times and is guided by provincial laws, the University's Privacy of Student Records policy, and its own confidentiality policy. Counseling Services cannot share any information without the student's written permission.

Diversity and Human Rights (DHR)

Fielding House, 15 University Avenue East, Extension 53000,
DHR works to ensure that the university campus is one in which students can learn, live and work in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. In this respect the office works proactively with others to prevent the establishment of environments within which discrimination and harassment can exist and works to respond to and help resolve student's human rights concerns and complaints.

Office of Registrarial Services

  • Enrolment Services (UC Level 3, Extension 58731, Enrolment Services provides services related to academic records, academic programs and scheduling. Its staff also provides students with assistance in the interpretation of policy in the undergraduate calendar and/or any policy or procedure related concerns about their current academic program.
  • Student Financial Services (UC Level 3, Extension 52546, Student Financial Services (SFS) offers a full range of student financial services designed to assist students dealing with the financial pressures associated with the cost of post-secondary education. SFS manages the scholarship and awards program, the work study program, and the administration of the government loans program.

Personal Counseling

See Counseling Services above.

Student Accessibility Services (Student Wellness Services)

Powell Building, Extension 56208,
Student Accessibility Services provides support services to students with learning disabilities, attention-deficit disorders, vision, hearing, medical, psychological, and physical disabilities.

Student Wellness Services

Powell Building, Extension 52131,
Student Wellness Services (SWS) provides acute intervention and continuing medical care for any health related problem. SHS is also involved in health education and preventive medicine through the activities of the Wellness Education Centre, peer helpers and volunteers.