Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Image of University of Guelph research picking fruit on tree at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Located in Canada's Niagara Region, the Vineland Research Station is situated on approximately 90 hectares dedicated to orchards, vineyards, rotation crop areas, greenhouses and a mushroom production unit.  

The Vineland Station is operated by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (VRIC).

Research areas and outcomes

VRIC is a world-class research centre dedicated to horticultural science and innovation. Researchers focus on applied genomics, consumer insights and horticultural production systems to deliver innovative products and production solutions that address the needs of the horticulture industry and advance Canada's research and commercialization agenda. To learn more, visit the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre website. 

Contact Us

Contact information is available via the VRIC website.