Degree Overview

The Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (BAS) degree program is interdisciplinary in nature – offering students the opportunity to become well-rounded holistic thinkers and learners.

Students will choose a specialization in the arts, a specialization in the sciences, and have these studies bridged together with the “Arts and Sciences” (ASCI) Core. These ASCI courses intentionally explore the relationship between the arts and sciences in our modern world.

A Brief Degree Breakdown

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences is a four-year honours undergraduate degree program – comprising of a total of 20.00 credits. Below is a breakdown. Your options for specializations and courses are outlined in the academic calendar (also linked below).

3.0 ASCI Core

5.0 From Science Specialization

5.0 From Arts Specialization

2.0 From Science Core – adding depth and breadth to your study of the sciences

2.0 From Arts Core – adding depth and breadth to your student of the arts

3.0 Electives

= 20.00 credits

Academic Calendar Information

Students will follow the academic calendar of the year they started in the program, unless arranged otherwise with their Program Counsellor ( You can move to newer calendars than your start date, but never older.

At the below link in the calendar, you can learn more about which minors are available, the ASCI Core, and both the Arts Core and the Science Core. Here is where you will always find the most up-to-date information.

2022/2023 BAS Information:

2021/2022 BAS Information:

2020/2021 BAS Information:

2019/2020 BAS Information: