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For those equally passionate about Arts & Science

> Are you fueled by a desire to pursue multiple disciplines and an interest in learning to connect them?

> Do you excel in many areas and hesitate to leave any behind at the postsecondary level?

> The Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) program asks: “why choose?”

This innovative and flexible 4-year honours program is an opportunity to challenge the traditional format of a university degree and individually choose what to reap from it. The BAS structure integrates two specializations--one from the arts/social sciences and one from the sciences—and complements them with interdisciplinary courses and electives.


  2 specializations. 1 arts/humanities/social science and 1 science   Over 40 different specializations to choose from   43 is the average class size in ASCI core courses


An Arts & Science degree prepares students to fill a growing demand for individuals who can understand and interpret technical content and communicate it to any audience. Students will not only customize their education by picking two minors from over 40 possibilities, but also learn how to analyze and apply perspectives from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences to situations in a wider context.

Arts & Science Core:

> These courses will build your critical thinking, communication, research skills and allows you to integrate knowledge from your disciplines. Some of the availabe ASCI courses include:

> Society and Inquiry I & II – Introduces the ways in which social forces interact with inquiry. You will earn how to locate, present and critically evaluate evidence.

> Uses of Knowledge – Explores the ways in which academic knowledge can be transferred, translated and mobilized to the world and used to remedy social problems.

>Arts and Sciences Community Project – You will conduct research and seminars on a selected topic while simultaneously working with community agency appropriate to the topic. For example, Fall, 2018 students worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

>Independent Studies in Arts/Sciences – Opportunity for you to pursue unique curricular opportunities based on your interests. Ex. research under a faculty member’s supervision; a course taken while studying on an exchange or abroad; a course developed in conjunction with experiential learning included, etc.

>Topics in Arts and Sciences Research - This variable-content course provides a senior-level seminar experience in the conduct, presentation, and writing of research relevant to the interdisciplinary core of the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree program. This course also provides a strong foundation for those pursuing graduate studies.


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As a result of degree flexibility, BAS graduates are prepared to enter various graduate, professional schools or enter directly into the workforce.

Graduates are eligible for professional schools including; Medical, Veterinary, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Teaching, Law, MBAs and more. Graduate and career pathways.


The BAS degree is 20.00 credits. Courses vary in credit weight but the average course is 0.50 credits. Students generally complete 5.0 credits a year. Below outlines the distribution of your studies:

  • Science Core - 2.00 credits
  • Arts/Social Science core - 2.00 credits
  • Subject Area core -(ASCI) - 3.00 credits
  • Arts/Social Science Minor - 5.00 credits min.
  • Science Minor - 5.00 credits min.
  • Free Electives - 3.00 credits

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Join a unique community of dynamic, articulate, and engaged students.

Bachelor of Arts & Science Student Association – BASSA

BASSA represents BAS students on the boards of other college governments, to faculty and staff at UofG, and on BAS advisory boards. BASSA also organizes numerous social and academic events for ASCI students throughout the year, including Trivia Nights and Life After Undergrad.  BASSA website.

Residence Cluster

You can opt to live in the Arts & Science cluster in South Residence. As each students specialization choices vary, this provides an opportunity to live alongside and get to know other BAS students better.

Study Abroad

All University of Guelph students have the opportunity to study abroad in over 100 destinations. Whether an individual course, semester or full year – studying abroad can develop intercultural competencies and lasting memories. You are encouraged to plan your study abroad early, to avoid academic conflicts. Centre for International Programs.


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