Help and Resources

 Below you can find organized lists and links to many of the most important non-academic resources and services available to students on campus. If you are looking for academic resources, click here. If you need help from the BAS Program Counsellor, click here. You can also find a simpler list of services and resources on this page.

 Student Accessibility

  • Help & information about academic accomodations
    (e.g. exam accomodations, note-taking services)
  • Accessibility information and programs
    • SAS specific courses (PSYC*1300, PSYC*1400)
    • Accessibility guides
    • Orientation and transition programming

    Click here to visit the SAS website.

 Registrarial Services

  • Graduation, schedule of dates, etc.
  • Enrolment Services, Financial Services, and Admission Services
  • Fees, Loans, Grants, Scholarships, and more

    Click here for more information.

 Student Wellness & Other Services

  • Athletics, the Fitness Centre, Exercise classes, and more
  • Counselling Services and Student Health Services
  • Services for students (e.g. Aboriginal Resources, Campus Police)

    Click here for more information.

 Academic & University Policy

  • What is "Academic Standing"?
  • What does it mean to be on "Academic probation"?
  • What is academic misconduct?

    Click here for more information.

 Academic & Library Services

  • Learning strategists & studying experts
  • Free online access to paid journals, articles, books, etc.
  • Course guides & course reserves
  • Download Microsoft Outlook, Office, etc.

    Click here for more information.

 Academic Information & Resources

  • Academic Advisors: Where & Whom
  • Program Counsellors
  • Course selection, degree summary, program FAQ
  • Information for future & first year students

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