Student Wellness & Other Student Resources

Note: The BAS website is not intended for use during emergencies. If you are in crisis, then please go to the Student Wellness Urgent Help section and contact one of the numbers listed. 

The University provides dozens of services to help students thrive during their studies. Guelph has on-campus health services (such as a team of full-time physicians in the Health & Performance Centre) as well as off-campus and online services. The University also provides excellent accessibility services to all students who have individual learning needs and/or require other accomodations on campus.

Health & Well-being

  • Athletics - Guelph's Athletics provides students with several options to stay active and be social. (Note: some elements of their website may not look right without running the Flash plugin.)
    • The Fitness Centre: Guelph has a 23,000 square foot gym in the middle of campus. You can go alone or with friends (though you do need a membership) from dawn till dusk and make use of the huge range of equipment that they provide.
    • Get your hands on tickets for all Guelph sporting events. You can also find the schedule for events on their website.
    • All sorts of fitness and exercise classes: Over 100 classes a week are offered, including yoga, Pilates, Zumba, indoor cycling, Aquafit, boot camp, and more. Some classes are also geared exclusively towards women!
    • Sports/games clubs: Want to play Quidditch? How about run around and fire Nerf guns at your friends (or enemies)? Maybe you like fencing or underwater hockey? If you want to be active and also have a good time, check out that clubs page! And if you want to start a club, you can always talk to them about doing so!
  • Counselling Services - Guelph provides a number of facilities to help students maintain and improve mental health. This includes individual therapy, group sessions, and more. You can also find information such as emergency help lines on the home page under "After Hours Resources".
  • Student Health Services encompasses a host of health-related and medical services and facilities. This includes the walk-in clinic, appointments with GPs, free flu shots, nursing services, the dispensary, and more.
  • Dietitian Services is another resource for students who are concerned about healthy eating.
  • Wellness Education and Promotion Centre - The Wellness Education & Promotion Centre (WEPC) offers peer education, workshops and other programming. The WEPC also produces the Shine Cast (a mental well-being podcast, available on Spotify & Apple Music). 
  • Shine This Year: Mental Well-being Resources - Shine This Year is intended to be a one-stop shop for campus mental wellness resources. This includes year-round programs, support groups, trainings, advising, and more.
  • Sexual Violence Support & Education - The Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator provides sexual violence support, education & training for students. The Sexual Violence Support and Education Coordinator can be reached by emailing  
  • Student Accessibility Services (SAS), formerly known as the Centre for Students with Disabilities, provides a multitude of services for students with individual learning needs. If you require any accommodations for evaluations and exams (such as extra time, the use of a word processor, or a deferred test/exam), visit their website for more information.
  • Student note-taking is administrated by the SAS as well.

Student Accessibility for First Year Students

If you are a first-year student who is registered with Student Accessibility Services, the SAS offers several orientation programs. There are several on-campus information/registration sessions during the month of July that may be of interest to you, which are single-day sessions. First-year students registered with SAS can also move into residence a few days early and learn more about SAS through the START program. Click here to learn more!

More Resources for Students