Course Restrictions

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Some courses are restricted during selection to students of certain degree programs, or sometimes by year. In most cases, the best way to access a course that is restricted is through a course waiver.

Course Waivers

The only way to access full and restricted courses is to complete a course waiver by completing a Course Waiver Request form. You will need to obtain the signature of the instructor (or department) for that course and submit the completed form to Enrolment Services on the third floor of the University Centre.

If you aren't sure who the instructor is for a course, you can find the instructor by going to WebAdvisor, clicking on "Student Menu" from the menu on the right-hand side, and using the "Search for Section" feature from that menu to search for the course. Once you find the course using the search feature (remember to set the "term" field at the top to the right semester), you can click on it to bring up information about that course, including the name and email address of the instructor.

If the instructor isn't identified (i.e. the name is given as "TBA TBA"), then contact the department that is responsible for that course. Information for several departments is found further down this page.

First Year (1000-level) Courses

All courses on this list of 1000-level courses are reserved for first-year students for a period of time before everyone can acess them. If you require a first year course but are not in first year, contact your Program Counsellor.

Course Restrictions & Selection Information by Department

Science Courses

Several specific science courses are restricted until certain dates. You can find information about these restrictions on this page


All course waivers for the department of Psychology are managed by the Department of Psychology. Information on waivers can be found by visiting the Psychology website. The contact for all Psychology courses is Sharon Helder (

Family and Child Studies

Students with a Family and Child Studies minor should visit this webpage concerning restrictions. Inquiries regarding FRHD and NUTR courses should be directed to or to the main office in MINS 247.

International Development

Inquiries regarding International Development courses should be directed to Lisa Blenkinsop at or in her office in MacKinnon 800B.

Studio Art Courses

Inquiries regarding Studio Art courses should be directed to Nestor Kruger at

Business, Economics, and MCS

If you need information or access to any courses with codes beginning in ACCT, ECON, FARE, HROB, HTM, MCS, MGMT, or REAL, then you should consult this list of contacts for more information.

Computer and Information Science

If you need information or access to any courses with codes beginning in CIS, then you should consult the CIS Academic Advising website for more information.