Preparing for Student Travel

Financing your Study Abroad

There are many ways to finance your study abroad program; University of Guelph travel scholarships and external travel bursaries, grants and scholarships.

Pre-departure Orientation

DepartSmart, Pre-departure Orientation

All University of Guelph students travelling abroad (including the U.S.) as part of their academic program (study abroad program, class field trip, conference, etc.) must complete DepartSmart, the on-line pre-departure orientation on Courselink.

DepartSmart is offered through the Centre for International Programs will provide you with information on travelling safely; insurance, immigration, and other topics relevant to academic travel.

Exchange Pre-Departure Guide

Safe Travel Information

Travelling safely helps academic travellers focus on their studies, research and community work without letting things like illness, crime, traffic accidents and the like spoil the real purpose of the trip.

Wellness Abroad

Find a mix of professional opinions and advice from students who have studied abroad about how to manage your health before you go, while you're abroad and when you come home.

Emergency Contacts for Guelph Students Abroad

If you are University of Guelph student participating in University of Guelph activity and require assistance, the University of Guelph and Global Affairs Canada are available to assist you. Please review the information below for the option which best suits your current situation.

Medical, Fire or Police Emergency

In the event of an emergency which requires immediate medical or other emergency services, please call the local emergency number in the country in which you are residing.

Travel Health Insurance: Don't leave home without it!

Students going abroad on a University of Guelph study abroad program (exchange, semester abroad, field trip or field school) are required to purchase Guard Me travel health insurance.  Guard Me insurance provides comprehensive health insurance and also includes third party liability and security evacuation. Go to the Guelph-Guard Me web portal for more details or to purchase the insurance.