Pre-departure Orientation

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DepartSmart is a MANDATORY online pre-departure orientation program for all students travelling internationally (including the U.S.) as part of their academic program.  

By completing the modules in DepartSmart, you will learn about visas, budgeting, safety while abroad, health and cultural adaptation, and other important information. It is your responsibility to read through the modules and the checklists. You must complete and pass a short quiz at the end of DepartSmart and you have three chances to pass. Once you have passed the quiz, CIP will be alerted that you have completed DepartSmart.


Once you have accepted your study abroad nomination you will receive an email from CIP confirming that you have been registered for DepartSmart on CourseLink.

If you are participating in international travel through a course field trip, conference, research, etc. that is separate from a program offered through CIP you will need to register for DepartSmart at least 3 weeks before you leave. To register please email with the following information:

  • Your U of G email address
  • Your U of G student number
  • Your academic program
  • The location(s) to which you are travelling
  • Your dates of travel
  • Your reason for travel (field trip, conference, research, co-op placement, etc.)
  • The university offering the program
  • If a University of Guelph program, please provide the name of the professor
  • Do you know if there are other U of G students travelling on this trip

We will register you in DepartSmart and email you with instructions on how to access the DepartSmart modules, and complete the Emergency Contact, and Liability online forms and a deadline for completion. You must also purchase GuardMe insurance for the duration of your trip.