Research Interests

My current research is focused on energy – efficient and environment benign machining, machinability, online detection and predictive modelling of tool wear, fixture dynamics, machining dynamics and stability, finite element analysis, Modal analysis of machine tools and experimental study of the Tribological aspects of workpiece/fixture frictional contact. Other research interests are on developing an optimization methodology based on concurrent engineering concept and genetic algorithms scheme. I also conducted some research work on modelling of crack propagation. • Currently I am working on reducing the environmental impact of machining process by using minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) as opposed to Flood coolant to reduce the amount of coolant used. Also replacing Synthetic oil with vegetable oil as a lubricating agent. I am currently using reap seed oil. One extension of this work than I am exploring is to add Nano particles to the oil to enhance its heat transfer properties and heat capacity • I also interested in investigation of machinability of new materials such as bio materials for use in classical machining as well as additive manufacturing • I am also did some work on using/ application of biologically inspired modelling and optimization schemes on engineering applications( i.e. genetic algorithms and artificial neural networks) • Development of suitability metrics to assess different processes.