University of Guelph

  • ENGG2180 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes (W15)
  • ENGG4030 Manufacturing System Design
  • ENGG4220 Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Design

American University of Sharjah, (AUS)

NGN110 Introduction to Engineering and Computing

NGN111 Introduction to Statistical Analysis, (AUS)

MCE215 Engineering Drawing and Workshop, (AUS)

MCE220 Engineering Mechanics: Statics

MCE230 Materials Science

CVE325 Computational Methods

MCE325 Numerical Methods for Engineers

MCE 331 Manufacturing Processes

MCE434 Fundamentals of CAD/CAM (Technical elective)

MCE439 Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM) (Technical elective)

MCE473 Applied Finite Element Analysis (Technical elective)

MCE490 Senior design project I

MCE491 Senior design project II

MCE494 Metal Cutting ( Technical elective)

MCE496 Artificial Intelligence Applications in Mechanical Engineering (Technical elective)

MTR610 Automated Manufacturing Systems( Graduate course)

MCE550 Mechanical Systems Design (Graduate course)

MCE652 Advanced Topics in Manufacturing(Graduate course)

MTR696 Machine Condition Monitoring (Graduate course)

•McMaster University

3FB3 Fabrication Technology

3FT3 Forming Technology

2MT3 Machining Technology