2- Undergraduate student supervision/co-supervision (Senior Design project, MCE490/MCE491) Group    Project    Start Date 1- Amal Khattab, Hashim Abu Saif , Mohammad Al Assadi and Rashed AlZaabi    Design and manufacturing of a tool post dynamometer #

Fall 2005 2- Nadim Dabdoub and Firas Al- Shamsi    Design and implementation of an online tool condition monitoring system#

Fall 2005 3-Ahmed Al-Alami, Ahmed Abdelrahman, moh’d Alhaj and Mohm’d haj Yassin    Design and manufacture of a metal powder atomizer

Spring 2005 4- Moundir Al-Alami, Ahmed Jamous and mazin Mahmoud Design and building of a water jet machining system*

Spring 2006 5- Ahmed Zayan , Mahmoud loubani and Mohamed Kamal    Online detection of tool wear while machining automotive alloys#


Fall 2006 6-AbdelrahimHajouni, Ahmed Eldidy ,Ali Alghamdy and Hussien mansura    Design and manufacture of a Tribometer ( Pin-on-disc friction tester)*#

Fall 2006 7-Mohamed Mafaz,Mohamed Peshiamn, Asif Javid and Mahmoud El Jechi    Investigating the effect of varying Process conditions on the mechanical properties of composite materials

Fall 2006 8-NooraAlKheily,Mohammed Aly and Mohammed Anwar    An environmentally benign cooling strategy for turning processes

Fall 2007 9-Osama alama and Ahmed El maysary    Automation of AUS Water jet Machining system*

Fall 2007 10-Mohamed samir, Wael Kassem and Ahmed abuseedo    Design and build of a universal testing machine for Mattress *

Fall 2007 11-Saher Khattab, Ali Namroud, Rashid Ali and Saleh Khattab Modeling and simulation of a Mechanical heart valve

Fall 2008 12- Kareem Nabeel and Ali Farag    Enhancing AUS Water Jet machining system*

Fall 2008 13- Husain Hussein, Calvin Alias ,Renji Mathew ,Mohammed Khattab Assessing carbon footprint of machining processes

Spring 2011 14- Rami kalouti, Mohamad Hoteit ,Ali jamal eddine,Ahmed hamdy, Development of an Automated Work Cell for Manufacturing Processes

Spring 2012 15- Mohammed Abdulhadi, Mohammad Baobaid ,Hatem Malek Abdeljaber ,,Ali AlNuaimi Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Manufacturing Processes

Spring 2012 16- Abdullah K.Hamed AUS FSAE car

Spring 2012 17- Ahmed Naser    Sustainability of Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Fall 2012 18- Bincy Sarah Mathew, Muhummed Waqas and Venkat Pulgat Sustainable manufacturing through hybrid process- turning and grinding

Spring 2013 19- Mustafs Hazeim, Mohammad Subhi Fathallah, Mohammad Al Shamsi, Nakash Ahmad and Ahmad Al Hosani    Green Machining

Spring 2013 *Industry sponsored project # supported through my research funding 3a- Graduate students’ theses completed Firas Hammad **    Intelligent Multi-Sensor Process Condition Monitoring

Sep 06 - Dec 07 Mohamed Al-Assadi*    Modeling of Fatigue behavior of composite material using ANN    Jan.08– May 09 Amal Khattab*    ANN Based mechanistic force model for face milling processes

Jan. 08- May 11 Azza Al Hassani**    Modeling of Tool Wear when Turning TI-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy

Feb. 2013 Asim Fikah^    Vision inspection and measurement system

Feb. 2013 Waqar Syed Raza Sustainability Assessment of machining processes

Nov. 2014 3b- Graduate students Theses/Projects in progress Zaid Al Jarrah Reliability Analysis of Cutting Tools

Feb 2012 Hussam Samhuri    Analysis of nACo³ Coating for Solid Carbide cutting Tools for Machining Titanium ally Ti-A6V4

Feb 2012 Salman Pervaiz@    Machinability of High Performance alloys

Sep 2011 *with Dr. Hany El Kadi, **Co- advisor, Dr. Khaled Assaleh, ^ with Dr. Mohammed Jarrah, @ Dr. Amir Rashid , KTH 3c- Theses examining committees (membership of supervisory committees, Mechatronics graduate program) 1-Hussien Assahli AUS-Hexapod    Defended

Fall 2005 2- Joudeh Yasin Abed    Control of Under actuated Manipulator Defended

Spring 2006 3-Ibrahim Bechir    Predicting the effect of various process parameters on mechanical properties of APC-2 using ANNs    Defended Dec 2008