Available Positions

I'm looking for students to join my research group. Students should be energized by doing research and want to work with others who are similarly motivated. If you are interested in joining my research group, please email me with your CV and copies of your transcripts.  

Graduate Students

  • Bassel Abdelkader (PhD Student)
  • Luis Carlos Vives-Perez (PhD Student)
  • Mohamed Metwalli (MASc Student)
  • Punnoose Abraham (MEng Student)
  • Parth Jivani (MEng Student)
  • Neel Naik (MEng Student)
  • Minhajul Minar (MEng Student)
  • Kavi Lankapati (MEng Student)

Graduate Alumni

  • David Boules (MASc 2020)
  • Mohamed Salama (MASc 2019) 
  • Gardenio Silva (MSc, ELAP Scholarship 2019)
  • Liu Huicheng (MSc 2015)
  • Waqas Akram (MSc 2015)
  • Bilal Qureshi (PhD 2014)
  • Ibrahim Al-Shalwi (MSc 2014)
  • Adnan Hafiz (MSc 2014)
  • Iqbal Husain (MSc 2013)

Undergraduate Students/Alumni

  • Jordan Krueger (S18 co-op Mech)
  • Maurizio Beltran (S18 Research Assistant) 
  • Caelan Weber-Martin (W19 co-op Mech)
  • Seena Ghassemi (S19 Research Assistant) 
  • Mahmoud Elkhalifa (S19 Research Assistant) 
  • Emilio Spezzia Sesin (S19 MITACS Reseach Internship)
  • Aaron Belman Martinez (S19 MITACS Reseach Internship)

Photo Archive

Research collaborators at MIT
Research Collaborators at MIT KFUPM

Research collaborators at UofT
Research Collaborators at UofT