Courses Taught:

  • Thermodynamics (ENGG*3260)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (ENGG*4440)
  • Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer (ENGG*6000)
  • Design of Heat Exchangers (ENGG*6090)
  • Engineering Mechanics (ENGG*1210)
  • Machine Design (ENGG*3280)
  • Engineering & Design III (ENGG*3100)
  • Interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Design (ENGG*4220)
  • Finite element analysis (ENGG*4470)
  • Thermal Power Plants (ME 435)
  • Heat Transfer (ME315)
  • Measurement and Instrumentation (MECH 2.671)

Capstone Design Projects (ENGG*41XX):

  • Supervised numerous capstone design projects covering a wide spectrum of engineering applications including renewable energy, desalination, energy harvesting, and energy recovery systems.

Workshops & Industrial Courses:

  • Taught courses and provided workshops to engineers in oil and power production industry on topics such as: heat exchangers, boilers, gas turbines, and distillation.