Compensation for UGFA Unit 1 members is determined by Article 53 of the Collective Agreement. 

Starting Salaries

Starting salaries are negotiated between the hiring College and the candidate at the time of appointment. Each rank has a minimum salary (referred to as the salary floor) that determines the lowest an employee can be paid in a particular rank. The salary floors for 2017 - 2021 are as follows:

Rank 2017/2018 2018/2019 2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
Librarian $84,221 $85,485 $86,768 $88,070 88951
Associate Librarian $75,249 $76,378 $77,524 $78,687 79474
Assistant Librarian $69,768 $70,815 $71,878 $72,957 73687

Salary Adjustments

Salary adjustments of UGFA Unit 1 members take effect on July 1 of each year. These adjustments are based on the agreed settlement between the University and UGFA are outlined in detail in the Collective Agreement. These salary adjustments are made up of four distinct components, applied in the following order:

  • a Cost of Living Increase (usually expressed as a percentage of salary);
  • a Promotion Increase, if any (given in the year of promotion from one rank to the next);
  • an Annual Career Increment; and,
  • a Performance Increase (if any).

Other Compensation

  • Overload Teaching: Teaching above the normal workload assigned to a faculty member is compensated at a rate of $8,000 per full course. A faculty member may teach a maximum of one overload course per academic year. Such teaching requires the approval of the Dean.
  • On-Call and Emergency Pay: Veterinarians or faculty required to provide on-call and emergency services in the OVC Health Sciences Centre are compensated at rates determined by Article 53.27 of the Collective Agreement. 
  • Research Chair Supplement: Canada Research Chairs and other Research Chairs funded from government, public, private or endowed funds may receive a Research Chair Supplement during the term of the research chair.