Study and Development Fellowships

Call for Applications

Submission deadline: June 1

This competitive fellowship, developed in cooperation between the Provost's Office and CUPE 3913, is offered in recognition of the contribution of long-serving Sessional Lecturers at the University of Guelph. The aim is to support the continued development of sessional instructors as scholars. Successful applicants will receive funding equivalent to one Sessional appointment at their most recent wage rate. Sessionals are still eligible to teach during their Fellowship semester. Below are the details regarding eligibility for the fellowship. In addition to the information below, details of the fellowship are found in Appendix D of the Collective Agreement, Serge Desmarais, past Associate Vice-President (Academic) has also created a presentation which will help interested applicants create a strong application.


Proposals are welcome from Sessionals who:

  1. Currently hold a Right of First Refusal to at least one course.
  2. Have accrued a minimum of 10 Seniority Points (and seven years of service) or a minimum of 14 Seniority Points at the time of their application.
  3. Have not held a Fellowship in the previous five-year period.
  4. Submit their application in full to the Dean/Program Head of their college by the deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


  • Description of goals/objectives of scholarly activity
  • Links goals and objectives to measurable outcomes
  • Articulates how the fellowship will maintain or enhance one's quality as a scholar
  • Identifies the subsequent contributions one will make to the University’s teaching programs

Decision Process

  1. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee led by the AVPA. Members of the committee will include representatives from Faculty and Academic Staff Relations, Open Learning and Educational Support, and may include previous Fellowship recipient(s).
  2. Funds are available for use as wage replacement, operating or equipment expenditures related to the proposal.
  3. Deans/Program Heads will make their recommendation(s) to the AVPA by July 1.
  4. The AVPA will notify applicants of the results by August 1.
  5. Unsuccessful applicants may submit an appeal in writing to the Provost within ten (10) days of receipt of the decision. The Provost shall be provided ten (10) days to decide and notify appellant.
  6. FASR informs CUPE of the Successful Candidates on September 1.

Application Package

The written application for the Fellowship will include:

  1. application form
  2. a statement of goals;
  3. a plan of scholarly activity;
  4. an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae

Proposals should be submitted electronically, in one PDF document, with the subject line: “YEAR, Study and Development Fellowship: Last Name, First Name” to the Dean of your College by the deadline. Please copy .

Examples of Past Scholarly Activity Reports

Study and Development Fellowship recipients submit a summary report of the activities undertaken and achievements during the Fellowship semester.  The following are examples of the types of scholarly activity conducted by past fellowship recipients:

For more information on Study and Development Fellowships, please email Faculty and Academic Staff Relations at