Sessional Lecturer PDR

All PDR submissions must be submitted using the University’s ECS (Expense Claim System). Claimants are still responsible for signatures and original receipt submission. Please see below for detailed instructions. The old print forms will no longer be accepted as of September 1, 2018. All claims must be submitted via ECS.

NOTE: During W20, S20, F20 and W21, all claims must be submitted by email to the department with scanned receipts and proof of payment (order confirmations are not enough).
The department will seek supervisor approval and forward the email claim to
Instructions for claim approval during W20, S20, F20 and W21

About the Sessional Lecturer Professional Development Reimbursement

In the interest of creating opportunities for teachers to learn new skills and develop new pedagogical methods that enrich the undergraduate learning experience, the University provides a Professional Development Reimbursement Fund for use by Sessional Lecturers. The purpose of this fund is to offset costs to the Sessional Lecturer to participate in academic conferences/seminars or to purchase materials in support of their professional/academic development. Sessional Lecturers are entitled to a maximum of $500.00 per semester in which they work. PDR details are outlined in Appendix C of the CUPE 3913 Unit 2 Collective Agreement.

In the event of a discrepancy between this page and the Collective Agreement, the Collective Agreement shall be considered the final authority.


  1. Each year, the University provides monies for this fund (subject to the outcome of negotiations between the University and CUPE 3913). Any amounts remaining in the PDR pool at the end of the year will be carried forward and available toward the following year reimbursements.
  2. The fund is divided in each disbursement period equally between those who submit claims up to $500 or, for those submitting for less than $500, the amount of the reimbursement submission. All claims (including those under $500) will be pro-rated if the amount total amount claimed exceeds available funding.
  3. Claims are submitted using the online ECS, along with original receipts. Claimants complete the online form, print, sign (original signatures only), and submit it with original receipts to their Department for processing. See the attached PDF for submission instructions.
  4. Claims must be made for the same semester in which the expense was incurred.
  5. Receipts must be dated within the semester for which the claim is submitted, unless it is carried over. For example, the date on receipts submitted by Sessional Instructors for Fall, must be between September to December, unless it is carried over from one of the two previous semesters.
  6. Sessional Lecturers may not carry unspent PDR funds to future semesters. However, if a Sessional Lecturer has expenses that exceed the semester allotment for PDR, they may carry it over for reimbursement for a maximum of another two semesters. They must submit another claim in ECS and a copy of the original receipt indicating the reference # of the previous claim, under ‘Previous Paid Reference’.
  7. Reimbursements are processed after the deadline of each semester according to the submission deadline schedule below.
  8. Payments are made via direct deposit; or by cheque mailed to the home department.

Submission Deadlines

Fall Semester Deadline: February 1
Winter Semester Deadline: June 1
Summer Semester Deadline: October 1

Reimbursements are processed after the deadline of each semester. During W20, S20, F20 and W21, departments should submit the ECS claim forms to with the appropriate approval text by both the claimant and their supervisor.