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The Office of Research is your one-stop shop for research information and service. Check the website for funding opportunities, grant applications, research policies, business and industry connections, links to funding agencies and research accomplishments and activity across campus.

For more information please visit the Office of Research website.

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The University of Guelph has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary programs, collaboration and the integration of teaching and research. Our faculty contribute to a vibrant learning environment that brings new knowledge into the classroom, gives students the opportunity to share in the excitement of discovery and empowers students to assume more responsibility for their own learning. U of G students boast the highest entering average in Canada for a comprehensive university, and we ensure that students thrive and excel by offering extensive student support programs.

We support faculty by providing opportunities for collaborative work, embracing new teaching technologies and welcoming creative approaches to curriculum design. The University spends more on instruction and research costs (measured as a percentage of its total expenditures) and less on central administrative costs than most other universities in Ontario - well above the provincial average.

Our faculty also enjoy a collegial spirit among colleagues and dynamic student-teacher relationships that enhance the academic environment and promote scholarship. Helping new teachers succeed is a campus-wide effort, and Open Learning and Educational Support enables faculty to develop effective and innovative teaching methods. The results of this commitment are reflected in the success of both faculty and students - the University has the highest graduation rate among comprehensive universities in Canada. The University faculty includes 21 fellows of the Royal Society of Canada with 16 faculty receiving 3M Teaching Fellowships for excellence and leadership in teaching.

For information about programs and services offered please visit the Open Learning and Educational Support website.

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The University of Guelph Library is a resource- and service-intensive place (both in person and virtually). Features such as extensive access to electronic materials (journals, books, data, multimedia), the TriUniversity Group of Libraries (which provides access to more than seven million volumes) and the Learning Commons (for support in learning, writing, research, technology and numeracy) are all designed to help you in your teaching and research and to help your students in their learning. The Library offers a wide range of services to support faculty in their roles as teachers and researchers, including:

  • Obtaining library materials (all formats) in your subject discipline, to support your teaching activities or your individual research interests
  • Provision of specialized sources of information such as data, GIS, archival and special collections, and media resources
  • Assistance with assessment or accreditation processes which require an evaluation of the Library’s collections and services
  • Consultation with library staff regarding your information needs, as well as the development of information services to support your graduate or undergraduate students
  • Development and provision of instruction for your students in the development of information literacy, writing, learning, and other academic success skills.
  • Support with open access (electronic journal) publishing

For more information, please visit the Library website.

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Diversity and Human Rights  

The Diversity and Human Rights Office of the University of Guelph is dedicated to the removal of all systemic barriers, discrimination and harassment and will engage in advocacy within the university community towards this end. The University of Guelph is committed to a campus free of discrimination and harassment based on: disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed (faith), age (18 - 64 for the purposes of employment only), marital status, family status, receipt of public assistance (in accommodation only) and same-sex partnership status, in work, study and residential life.

The Diversity and Human Rights office provides the following services to members of the University community:

  • assists those with supervisory responsibilities in the resolution of human rights concerns
  • helps those who are involved in a human rights concern, dispute or complaint access the support of trained personnel
  • brings to the attention of those in positions of responsibility any University policy, procedures and practices that appear to discriminate against individuals or groups based on prohibited grounds
  • acts on any equity-related matters that may be referred to the office by the President

For more information please visit the Diversity and Human Rights website.

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Human Resources

Human Resources supports the University’s commitment to excellence in teaching, research and community service through the provision of quality HR programs and resources.

We create and sustain partnerships that enable the University of Guelph to achieve its vision through innovative and supportive people practices, including cultivating sound core leadership and management practices.  We strive to be leaders in fostering excellence, productivity, respect and fairness as we work to strengthen the University’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent in this diverse, work and learning environment.

For more information please visit the Human Resources website.

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Gryphon Athletics

Active living is part of the lifestyle and culture at the University of Guelph. Gryphon Athletics serves the University by providing an excellent mix of facilities and a broad range of activities and programs to meet the needs of students, staff, faculty and the community. In addition to varsity athletics and intramural leagues, interest classes are offered in a variety of activities - including all types and levels of fitness instruction. They provide an array of individual fitness and recreation options. The Guelph area also offers abundant outdoor opportunities with designated jogging, biking and walking trails.

There is a high participation rate of current and retired faculty members in Athletics facilities and programs. Advantages include subsidized membership fees and flexible options for your fitness and recreation preferences - from a scheduled daily or weekly program to a drop-in approach.

For more information please visit the Gryphon Athletics website.

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