The information in this section does not apply to administrative appointments in the Library and is provided as a general reference. In the case of a discrepancy between this website and the applicable Collective Agreement, the terms of the signed Collective Agreement will prevail. For more information, consult the UGFA Unit 1 Collective Agreement.

Role of the Chair/Director

Accountable to the Dean, the Chair of a Department or Director of a School is responsible for the orderly, effective, efficient, and collegial operation of their Department. The Chair/Director has overall responsibility to ensure that Department practices and processes are formulated, promulgated, and followed, and that College and University policies and procedures are followed. In addition, the Chair/Director: 

  • Through mentoring and facilitation, shall support each member of his/her Department in the fulfillment of the member's assigned responsibilities. 
  • Through consultation with members of the Department, formulates recommendations concerning policy or the matters of interest to the Department.  Such recommendations shall be directed to the Dean.

The other responsibilities of the Chair/Director are those assigned to the Chair/Director in the Collective Agreement and in their Letter of Appointment. The duties of the Chair/Director shall be consistent with her/his status as a Member of the Bargaining Unit.

Term of Appointment

The term of appointment of a Chair/Director shall normally be five (5) years. At the end of five (5) years, the term may be renewed once in accordance with Article 20. 


Compensation for Chairs/Directors is outlined in Article 20: Appointment of Chairs/Directors of Schools (transition leave) and Article 53: Compensation (stipend). The information below is a brief summary and should be read in conjunction with Articles 20 and 53.

Chair Stipends

A faculty member who is a Department Chair or Director of a School shall receive an annual stipend. The amount of the stipend shall be a minimum of $12,000 for his/her first term as Chair, and a minimum of $14,000 for his/her second term as Chair. The actual stipend amount shall be determined by negotiation between the faculty member and the Dean at the time of appointment to the position of Chair/Director.

Transition Leave

Upon completion of five (5) years or more in the position of Chair/Director, the faculty member is eligible for two semesters of transition leave. However, the Chair/Director is entitled to request transition leave with salary for up to one (1) of these semesters during a term of Appointment. If a transition leave of more than one (1) semester is required during a term of Appointment, the incumbent will be expected to resign from his/her administrative appointment. A period of transition leave, at the end of the term of the appointment, is not considered to be part of the term of the appointment.

Transition Leave is intended to provide a Chair with sufficient time to re-establish or enhance his/her research and/or teaching skills to prepare him/her for return to the professoriate. So long as recognized scholarly objectives are being sought, both study and research activities, whether singly or in some combination, should be regarded as eligible to satisfy the purposes of the transition leave.

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