MSc Food Science defence "Exploring the Potential of Apple Pomace as a Functional Ingredient in Yogurt"

Date and Time


Food Science lecture room 128


Final Examination for the Degree of MSc - XINYA WANG

Examining Committee
Dr. Michael Rogers, Chair
Dr. Gisele LaPointe, Advisor
Dr. Eleana Kristo, Advisory Committee Member
Dr. Art Hill, Department Member

TITLE: Exploring the Potential of Apple Pomace as a Functional Ingredient in Yogurt

ABSTRACT: The objective of this study was to investigate the potential of freeze-dried apple pomace (AP) powder as a dairy ingredient with focus on the impact of such complex matrix on milk fermentation as well as on the structure and texture of set and stirred yogurt gel. The study found that addition of AP powder increased the gelation pH and shortened the fermentation time (especially for the 1% AP yogurt), and eventually developed a more viscoelastic, consistent, and firmer yogurt gel. AP addition into stirred yogurt allowed a higher level of AP to be incorporated (1-3%) and resulted in a significant decrease of syneresis along with increase in viscosity, firmness, and cohesiveness of the matrix during cold storage. Therefore, AP has the potential to be utilized as a natural stabiliser, texturizer and source of dietary fibre and polyphenols in yogurt.

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