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Stein of beer

Brewing Workshop: Marzen - March 2

In this all-grain brewing class we'll show you how to make this traditional Bavarian Märzen. Beer wouldn’t be beer without malted barley. It contributes to the colour, aroma and flavour of our favourite beverage while also providing all of the fermentables that yeast use to turn wort into beer. We’re holding a special session of our learn to brew all-grain class to take a closer look at malt and the mashing process. What better way to learn about...
Glass of beer

Brewing Workshop: Czech Pilsner - May 11

In this all-grain brewing class we'll show you how to make a Czech Pilsner. Join us for a hands-on experience in brewing beer on a scale that you can easily replicate at home. Our beer-making classes provide an opportunity to get familiar with the ingredients and processes needed to make great beer. Who is the course designed for? Anyone having an interest in learning how to make their own beer using standard all-grain brewing equipment. This course is suitable for beginners who have no previous brewing experience as well as intermediate brewers who are...

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