Fee Structure

The management at the Hagen Aqualab has decided to further outline its fee structure in light of recent additions to the facility and ever changing requests for room and tank setup. The following will be the fee structure for the Hagen Aqualab as of January 1, 2003. Please note that room/tank rental prices have not increased.

Any researcher* wishing to utilize space in the Aqualab will be charged the following room rental fees:

Room Type Number of Rooms Available Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Research Rooms 9 $315.00 $3150.00
Chambers: Large 2 $315.00 $3150.00
Chambers: Mid 4 $188.00 $1880.00
Chambers: Small 7 $150.00 $1500.00
ECARS 16 $150.00 $1500.00


Space may be shared between individuals in the facility and therefore each individual will be charged according to the percentage of the room that they occupy (Example: two researchers are both occupying one small chamber in General Holding. Researcher #1 has 5 aquariums and researcher #2 has 15 aquariums in the room. Therefore researcher #1 will be charged 25% of the monthly/yearly rate and researcher #2 will be charged 75% of the rate.) Single tank space in a room will be charged a flat rate.


Single Tank Rental Flat Rate
4 Foot $200.00
2 Foot $100.00
Other (i.e. one 7 Foot Tray) $100.00


Researchers* may also utilize space in our General Holding Room (160) at the following costs:


Tank Size Per Diem Rate Monthly Rate Annual Rate
6 Foot $1.40 $37.50 $375.00
4 Foot $1.40 $30.00 $300.00
4 - 2 Foot $1.40 $37.50 $375.00
3 - 7 Foot Trays $1.40 $37.50 $375.00
Health Rack N/A $12.50 $125.00
Other $1.40 $37.50 $375.00


Set up charges (full or partial) will apply in certain circumstance within the facility. A partial set up in the General Holding room would require staff members to install/remove or re-arrange a pre-existing tank set up into a different position without the need to purchase new materials. A full set up would include the cost of all materials (inflows, outflows and airlines) necessary to create the required tank structure. The table below indicates the cost for a partial installation as well as an estimation of the cost of a full set up.


Tank Size Partial Setup Full Setup (per tank)
2 Foot (4 tank setup) $75.00 $150.00
4 Foot $75.00 $250.00
6 Foot N/A $250.00
Other $75.00 $150.00 - $250.00


Currently Aqualab absorbs the cost of room set-ups which can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore after the initial set up all other changes or modifications that Aqualab staff are required to do in the room is at the expense of the researcher. Likewise, all expendable items (i.e. UV sterilizer bulbs, filter sand, nets, disinfectant etc.) will be charged to the user.

*please note that these prices apply to University of Guelph researchers only and DO NOT APPLY TO OUTSIDE CONTRACT PROJECTS. Contact the Hagen Aqualab, ext. 52714 for costing on outside contract rates or any special request that you may have regarding space utilization.

Accessible Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document listing this fee information