The facility is administered by the Aqualab Management Committee. This committee is comprised of the Aqualab Manager, Director, Assistant Manager and the Aqualab Vet.

Matt Cornish Mr. Matt Cornish, Aqualab Coordinator 
Room 140 
Tel: 519-824-4120, ext. 52714
Fax: 519-763-5741 
               Mr. Mike Davies, Assistant Coordinator
Room 140 
Tel: 519-824-4120, ext. 52714
Fax: 519-763-5741
John Lumsden Dr. John Lumsden, Facility Veterinarian
Tel: 519-824-4120, ext. 54519

Ackerman,Josef Ackerman, Josef - Professor 
(Marine and Freshwater Ecology, Physical Ecology, Benthic Invertebrates (mussels) and Plants) 
Office: SSC 2468 Ext.: 58268 
Ballantyne, Jim Ballantyne, Jim - Professor 
(Comparative Physiology; Adaptational Physiology; Membrane Physiology) 
Office: SSC 3465 Ext.: 52708 
Bernier, Nicholas Bernier, Nicholas - Professor 
(Physiology and Molecular Neuroendocrinology) 
Office: SSC 3467 Ext.: 56093 
Bogart, Jim Bogart, Jim - Professor Emeritus
(Herpetology, Evolution, Cytogenetics, Ethology, Molecular Biology) 
Office: SSC 3509 Ext.:58728 
Boulding, Elizabeth Boulding, Elizabeth - Professor 
(Marine Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Conservation Ecology) 
Office: SSC 1464 Ext.: 54961 
Dawson, John Dawson, John - Professor 
(Protein Biochemistry, Cytoskeletal Protein Actin, Molecular Motors, Actin Polymerization, Cardiac Disease) 
Office: SCIE 2248 Ext.: 53867 / 58181 
Lab: SCIE 2203 
Fryxell, John Fryxell, John - Professor and Executive Director for Biodiversity Institute of Ontario 
(Mammalian Ecology, Foraging Behaviour, Population Dynamics, Modelling, Terrestrial) 
Office: SSC 2461 Ext.: 53630 
Fu, Jinzhong Fu, Jinzhong - Associate Professor
(Molecular Systematics, Herpetology, Evolutionary Genetics) 
Office: SSC 1458 Ext.: 52715 
Gillis, Todd Gillis, Todd - Professor, Interim Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, CBS 
(Cardiac Physiology, Protein Biochemistry, Environmental Physiology, Muscle Mechanics) 
Office: SSC 3471 Ext.: 58786 
Heyland, Andreas Heyland, Andreas - Associate Professor 
(Development, Evolution, Functional Genomics, Larval Ecology, Life History) 
Office: SSC 1468 Ext.: 56459 
Lumsden, S. John Lumsden, S. John - Professor 
(Department of Pathobiology, Aquatic Animal Health, Innate Immunity of Teleosts and Corals; Virology) 
Office: PAHL 4827 Ext.: 54716& 
Lab: PAHL 4811 Ext.:54640 
Karrow, Niel Karrow, Niel - Professor 
(Immunoregulation, Immunotoxicology, Immunogenetics,  Livestock Species)
Office: ANNU 123 Ext.: 53646 
Laberge, Frederic Laberge, Frederic - Associate Professor 
(Neurobiology of behaviour, Olfaction, Learning) 
Office: SSC 1465 Ext.: 56238 
Mason, Georgia Mason, Georgia - Professor 
(Animal Behaviour, Animal Adaptation, Captive Housing, Animal Welfare) 
Office: ANNU 138 Ext.: 56804 
Prosser, Ryan Prosser, Ryan - Associate Professor 
(Mollusk Biology, Environmental Toxicology, Climate Change, Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystem) 
Office: Bovey Bldg. 2226 Ext. 52190 
Lab: Bovey Bldg. 2229 
Van Der Kraak, Glen Van Der Kraak, Glen - Professor 
(Fish Physiology, Reproductive Toxicology, Endocrinology) 
Office: SCIE 3477 Ext.: 53424 
Van Raay, Tarry Van Raay, Tarry - Professor  
(Developmental Neurobiology, Wnt Signaling, Xenopus Retinal Development, Zebrafish Embryo) 
Office: SSC 3247 Ext.: 52864 / 58238 
Lab: SSC 3202-3
Vickaryous, Matthew Vickaryous, Matthew - Associate Professor 
(Biomedical Sciences, Vertebrate Paleontology, Evolutionary Developmental Biology, Regeneration) 
Office: Biomed 2624 Ext.: 53871 
Lab: Biomed 2622 Ext.: 52378 
Wright, Patricia Wright, Patricia - Professor
(Fish and Amphibian Physiology, Fish Development, Nitrogen Metabolism) 
Office: SCIE 3468 Ext.: 52719