Aqualab Facilities

The Hagen Aqualab consists of a variety of research rooms with integrated recirculation systems that include computer controlled pumps, a filtration system (sand, screen, gravel bed or combination), UV sterilization and temperature control.

Systems include:

  • Three research rooms with integrated recirculation system and a single operating water temperature.
  • One environmental chamber with integrated recirculation system and a single operating water temperature.
  • Five research rooms with integrated recirculation systems and three operating water temperatures.
  • One environmental chamber with integrated recirculation system, three operating temperatures and a serial dilutor, designed for toxicological research.
  • One isolation room set up for experiments designed to study diseases in fish. This room is the only room in the facility that has a flow through system. The room was designed to be a Level 2 containment.
  • One general holding room with integrated recirculation system for twenty five 2 m 3 tanks.
  • Four environmental chambers 20 m 2.
  • Seven environmental chambers 9 m 2.
  • Twelve ECARS (Environmentally Controlled Aquatic Recirculating Systems). These systems are essentially environmental chambers for water. 


Aqualab has a decentralized computer control system that controls, monitors and alarms functions within the facility. Features include data logging, monitoring and alarming of all sensors (temperature, flow, water level, photoperiod, O 2, pH, etc), control of devices that enable air and water flow (recirculated and make-up), photoperiod, temperature control (both air and water). Photoperiod can be controlled on a daily basis to emulate sunrise and sunset for any global position. 

All rooms are supplied with untreated well water. This facility is salt water capable with two research rooms dedicated to marine holding and research.

Application for the use of these facilities must be made to the Aqualab Management Committee. Space request forms are available for downloading on our forms page, or may be obtained from the Facility Manager. Signed and completed forms must be submitted to the Manager who will forward them to the committee. Project approval must come from the committee.

Animal Utilization Protocol numbers must be submitted with the application for space. No animals will be permitted into the facility without a valid AUP number. 

The map below shows the layout of Aqualab. Each room has a link to a description including standard operation procedures and pictures of that room.

Aqualab Room Map


Room Number Description
150 Swim Flume Room
151 ECARS Room
152 Research Room
154 Undergraduate Marine Teaching Lab
155 Disease Research Room
156 Aquatic Toxicology Research Room
160 General Holding Room
160a Richard and Jean Ivy Room
160b-g Small Environmental Chambers
161 Recirculation System Mechanical Room
163, 165 Environmental Research Chambers
166 Dry Lab
174 Water Supply and Treatment
180 Falconbridge Thermal Effects Research Room
181, 181a Reptile and Amphibian Rooms
182 Marine Room
183 Icy Waters Early Rearing Room
184 Noranda Environmental Toxicology Room
185 Freshwater Research Room
186 TransCanada Pipelines Thermal Effects Research Room