Room 163 and 165: Environmental Research Chambers

Rooms: These two rooms are located on the main hallway of the Aqualab. They are 20 m² environmental chambers. The rooms are functionally the same. Both have a supply of low and high pressure air, well water, domestic cold water (for cleaning), and salt water. The sink in each room has a supply of domestic hot and cold water, and deionized water.

The walls, ceiling and fan units are stainless steel. The floor is a special hardened concrete to prevent water penetration. Water drains into a trench in the center of the room. This trench must be cleaned at the same time the room is cleaned.

The door for each room has a covered window built into it to allow inspection of the room without entry. The door covering the window should remain closed at all times while not in use. There is no handle located on the inside of the door.

To exit the room push on the right side of the door until it opens.

There are no catches to hold the door closed, only a mechanical door closure. There is provision to lock the door. If the door were to be locked while someone was still in the room, a release mechanism is located on the wall inside the room beside the door. Spin the knob until it comes completely off and push on the right side of the door until it opens.


Rooms 163 and 165


Temperature control: Air temperature in these rooms ranges from 5°C - 25°C and is controlled by the Argus™ system. Temperatures are fully programable, the air temperature in room 163 follows a diurnal pattern, rising and dropping with the photoperiod. Temperature is monitored by a thermistor located within the room. The Air Temperature Deviation Alarm can be set to activate with as little as ± 1°C change.

Power: Each room has eight 115 V electrical circuits. These are located around the perimeter of the room. Each has a duplex ground fault receptacle. If power is lost to a receptacle, check the buttons located in the middle of the receptacle. If one is sticking out, press it back in to reset the power. If power is lost again, report it to Aqualab personnel. A circuit breaker panel is located on the wall outside the chamber. Please do not open this panel without proper authorization.


Lights: The fluorescent light fixtures are weatherproof. The rooms have fully programmable photoperiods (i.e., the photoperiod can be programmed to emulate that found at any latitude in the world or any artificial photoperiod that the researcher requires). The fluorescent lights turn on and off sequentially at dawn and dusk in three steps. Photoperiod is monitored by light sensors located in each room. The Photoperiod Alarm is set to activate if the lights do not turn on or off as the program requires. The lights can be turned on manually from the Argus™ panel located in the hall outside Room 181. An alarm situation will occur if the lights are left on too long.