"Research that drives positive and sustainable change" - Mavis Agyemang Opoku, Doctoral Lang Scholar | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

"Research that drives positive and sustainable change" - Mavis Agyemang Opoku, Doctoral Lang Scholar

Posted on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Photo of Mavis Agyemang Opoku

Mavis Agyemang Opoku, Lang Scholar Recipient

Current program at UofG/ Lang: Ph.D. in Management (organizational leadership specialization)
Academic background: Gachon University (South Korea) - Msc Global Business and Entrepreneurship


How have you actively helped improve your community?

"I volunteered with Africa Insight, an NGO headquartered in South Korea where I volunteered as a Global Citizenship educator introducing Ghana to students and help dispel stereotypes about African countries. My advocacy included articles write-ups for their blog to educate readers on various Africa-related issues."


What does it mean to be named one of the inaugural Lang Scholars?

"I am honored that in addition to being accepted into the Ph.D. program, I am also a Lang scholarship recipient. As a Lang scholar, I will strive to live up to the expectations of this fund by pursuing research that drives positive and sustainable change for business."


Why did you choose Lang?

"Lang School of Business and Economics presents an opportunity to study at a reputable business school, and I was drawn to the ethical and sustainability component of the innovative research conducted by the professors. The blend of faculty who have the practical experience and conduct scholarly research creates a wealth of knowledge and perspectives for rigorous research training."


At Lang, we are committed to developing leaders for a sustainable world. How do you think business can be used as a force for good?

"Whenever leaders shift their focus solely from profitability to include how they affect positive change in the society, business becomes a force for good. Even more important than how organizations spend their profit is how these profits are made. Organizations cannot make money through unethical means or cause irreversible damage to the environment and then direct their resources to a “good cause” after the fact. And with growing consciousness, consumers and employees alike seek out and expect organizations to act responsibly. In essence, being a force for good is not a zero-sum game for businesses as it inadvertently increases their bottom line."


What research area do you plan to explore during your degree?

"As organizations seek to create a culture that maximizes employee wellbeing, growth and development, the role of leadership in improving the employee experience must continue to be examined and an area I seek to explore with my research."


What do you hope will be the impact of your research?

"With an evidence-based approach, I hope that my research can further insights into the importance of employee wellbeing and push for a culture of wellbeing in the work environment." 



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