Opportunities in MCB

Undergraduate and Graduate student job opportunities can be explored using the menu links to the right.    URA/USRA/MCB-SRA summer positions are advertised in January of each year, while GTA positions are advertised a few months before the beginning of each semester.  Additional Information will be posted here and/or on the MCB Home page during those application periods.


  1. One research technician position available in Dr. Meng's lab studying plant virology and viral diagnostics - see details (PDF)
  2. One M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduate student position available in Dr. Colasanti and Dr. Navabi's labs to study cold tolerance in wheat - see details (PDF)
  3. Two M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduate student positions available in Dr. Meng's laboratory to study plant viruses and virus-host interactions - see details (PDF)
  4. One M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduate student position available in Dr. Yankulov's laboratory. The successful candidate will work in the area of epigenetics - see details (PDF)
  5. One Ph.D. graduate student position is available immediately with Prof. R. T. Mullen to study various aspects of plant cell biology - see details (PDF)
  6. One postdoctoral position in neuroscience/stem cell biology is available in the laboratory of Prof. Scott Ryan at the University of Guelph - see details (PDF)

This page is updated regularly.