How to Apply

Application Process for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs

Graduate policies and procedures are standardized throughout the College of Biological Sciences (CBS). The admissions process is overseen by the Office of the Associate Dean of Research (ADR).
Questions about the application process in CBS can be directed to Karen White, CBS Graduate Admissions Assistant, at  More information can be found on CBS-ADR graduate programs website.
Please note that prospective students must identify a faculty advisor prior to submitting an application. You can search for an advisor through our list of faculty research themes.   In addition to reaching out to potential faculty advisors, some research opportunities are advertised here:
Admission may be granted for entry in September, January or May. Completed applications should be uploaded at least one full semester (four months) before the expected date of admission (at least eight months for international students).
It is also advisable to apply well in advance to be considered for some entrance scholarships, which are offered to qualified applicants on a first serve basis.
The University of Guelph has an online application system. Applicants can find complete application instructions on the Applying to Guelph page, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions.
For students applying to the Master of Biotechnology program, please visit the MBIOT website