AHL LabNote 38-Sample handling and splitting charges at AHL

Specimen Room

Specimen room uses this per sample fee for splitting samples that are needed for testing in multiple lab sections or to prepare samples for send outs.

Sending samples already split will greatly speed work flow in the lab and improve turnaround time.

e.g., bovine feces for a diarrhea workup - culture, cryptosporidia (sucrose wet mount) and rotavirus/coronavirus PCR – needs to be split 3 ways for the Bacteriology, Parasitology, and Virology labs. Samples in 3 separate containers are needed


 Due to the increasing popularity of pooling of samples for testing, since May 1, 2015 the AHL has been levying a sample handling charge per sample for the increased technical time and cost of consumables to complete the preparation of pools. For test procedures that list pooled samples as acceptable, clients may avoid this charge by submitting already pooled samples for testing.


This fee is used in bacteriology when sample pooling is requested. This covers both the time and material needed for pooling.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the above procedures and how they are applied.

Sample handling fees by laboratory section

Lab section Price Details
Specimen reception separate/split sera $2.50 per sample
Virology, sample handling $0.70   per sample; for serum separation, sorting, pooling
Bacteriology $5.00 applies per sample when sample pooling is requested
Parasitology $5.00 for sample pooling, sorting, manipulation, etc.
Mycoplasma sample handling fee $2.00 per sample; for serum separation, sorting

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