Research and Large Volume Testing

AHL Service Quotations

  • An AHL Service Quotation is required for reduced pricing and non-routine testing requests. To obtain a quote, contact the AHL Supervisor with whom you have discussed your testing needs.
  • Do not submit samples until the quote has been approved, signed and returned.  Approved quotes will have an AHL quote number assigned; please include the quote number when submitting samples or contacting AHL.

Submitting Specimens to AHL

  • To obtain special prices, the quote number must be included on the AHL submission form.
  • Samples that need further processing at the AHL may incur additional charges.
  • When submitting more than 20 samples at a time, please send an MS Excel file with Animal IDs (see below for instructions) to
  • Samples must be in the same order in the rack/box as in the MS Excel file.
  • Submissions with more than 100 samples will be divided into more than one case.
  • Call the AHL Specimen Reception at x54530 for questions about submitting samples.

Filling out the EXCEL Spreadsheet for Animal IDs

  • Enter animal IDs in one column identified as “AHL ID” and the AHL report will contain IDs exactly as entered in this column.  Note limit of 30 characters for animal IDs.
  • Submission of more than 100 samples may be subject to a nominal accession fee if an Excel file with animal IDs was not received at the time of submission.
  • For pooled samples, indicate the pool # and then subsequent Animal IDs (e.g. "Pool1 - 45645, 3465, 786")
  • Ensure that animal IDs in the MS Excel file are in the same order as vials/tubes in the racks/boxes.

AHL Submission Form(s)

Standard AHL submission forms

  • Standard AHL submission forms are available in AHL Specimen Reception or at our website: Submission forms
  • Provide your name, department name, supervisor and full grant coding in the “CLIENT” area of the AHL submission form.

Customized AHL submission forms

  • Customized submission forms are available upon request, and when provided by the AHL, must be included with every submission.

History and Additional Information

  • Include information needed to appear in final reports in the history section.
  • Include requests for additional emails or faxes of reports in the history section.
  • Request tests that are not on standard AHL submission form in the history section.
  • Requests for return of samples must be included in the history section.