AHL LabNotes

LabNote 27

Submission Instructions

LabNote 36
Clinical sampling for Virology testing at AHL - Sampling supplies
LabNote 37
Viewing reports and invoices online
LabNote 38
Sample handling and splitting charges at AHL
LabNote 39
AHL courier information
LabNote 40
How to pool samples for submission to the AHL
LabNote 41

Fixation and transport of large excisional biopsies

LabNote 43a
Reporting of lab test results for companion/other animals
LabNote 43b
Reporting of lab test results for food animals
LabNote 46
Overnight Prepaid Courier Services offered by AHL is continuing with Purolator Express Return Labels!
LabNote 50
Postmortem submissions via Courier
LabNote 1
Summary of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) testing at the AHL
LabNote 4
Nutritional and metabolic profile testing of dairy cows
LabNote 7
Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) testing at the AHL
LabNote 19
Liver Biopsy procedure in cattle
LabNote 47
AHL Milk Bacteriology In-Clinic Laboratory Proficiency Program
LabNote 49
In-Clinic Mastitis Lab Procedures
LabNote 20
Equine herpes virus 1 disease surveillance
LabNote 31
EIA printing on legal paper (8.5 x 14) vs. letter paper (8.5  x 11)
LabNote 51
EquusLINK at the AHL
LabNote 52
EIA (equine infectious anemia) ELISA at the AHL-Specimen submission requirements
LabNote 55
Handling submissions requesting Equine neurological disease testing
LabNote 56
Equine PPID and EMS testing
LabNote 3
Collecting and submitting poultry blood samples to the AHL
LabNote 17
Avian bornavirus and proventricular dilation disease
LabNote 26
Tips for pet bird pathology submissions to the AHL
LabNote 54
Blackhead (histomoniasis) in small turkey flocks
LabNote 58
Infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) infections in small poultry flocks
LabNote 60
Avian reovirus testing of hock joints, sampling and submission
LabNote 30
Porcine PEDV and PDCoV testing at the AHL
LabNote 5
Recommendations for testing for bovine viral diarrhea virus in alpacas and llamas
LabNote 8
Aleutian mink disease testing at the AHL
LabNote 32
Honey bee testing at the AHL
LabNote 53
Seoul Virus testing in Rats
LabNote 57
Canine Influenza Information
LabNote 2
Tips for practitioners for field postmortems
LabNote 33
Brain removal in field postmortems
LabNote 42
Field and clinic postmortems: Simplified protocol and image list
LabNote 22
Which test for an infectious agent? When?
LabNote 29
Summary of Influenza A virus testing
LabNote 35
Making sense of Salmonella spp. serotyping results
LabNote 44
Testing algorithm for suspected lymphoid neoplasms - clonality, PARR
LabNote 45
Maximizing the benefit of surgical biopsies
LabNote 59
GC/MS-LC/MS multi-residue method