AHL User's Guide

Table of Contents

Map and contact information, AHL-Guelph Lab

Map and contact information, AHL-Kemptville Lab

Professional staff

General information

Services not offered at the Animal Health Laboratory

AHL client communications and the veterinarian-client-patient relationship

Disclosure of results

Demographics are essential for livestock and poultry surveillance

Premises identification (PID)

Turnaround time (TAT)

Telephone & on-line result enquiries

Ownership of submitted materials

Client Services @ the Animal Health Laboratory

Zoonotic diseases

Federally reportable diseases

Ontario provincially notifiable hazards

Antimicrobial residue information

Poison information centers

Adverse reactions

Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN)

Ontario Hatchery and Supply Flock Policy (OHSFP)

Ontario Swine Health Information Plan (OSHIP)

Disease Investigations-Common disease conditions:



Neurologic disease

Respiratory disease

Skin disease and neoplasia

Unexpected death



IHC (immunohistochemistry)


Sample collection for suspected toxicology cases:

A. Tissue mineral panels

B. Serum/plasma/blood mineral panels

Toxicologic Analyses Available at the AHL

Topics of interest in Toxicology

Clinical pathology section:

Hepatic disease

Renal disease


Equine endocrine testing

Feline hyperthyroidism

Canine hypothyroidism

Guide to interpretation of AHL biochemistry profiles

Serum progesterone in various species

Hematology reference intervals

Reference intervals for cavity fluids

Biochemistry reference intervals

Billing Information:

Available to clients that have logged into the website, to get a username and password email ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca 

External Laboratories

Billing and Fees

Examples of approximate charges on AHL postmortem cases, using May 1 2017 fees