Turnaround time (TAT)

Approximate turnaround times (based on usual working days after receipt in our lab) are given for each in-house test in our Fee Schedule.  To ensure rapid TAT, samples should arrive the day before testing is scheduled to start for most tests.  Results are available electronically as soon as they are entered into our computer system and released.  TATs for testing performed at external laboratories are quoted in those lab’s times – e.g. 7-10 d,* and do not include shipping time from our laboratory.

Telephone and on-line result enquiries

Please note that lab results are available in our Laboratory Information Magement System (LIMS) as soon as they are released and may be found on our website (https://ahl.uoguelph.ca) – contact AHL Client Services for a user name and password (ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca or ext 54530).  Veterinarians who are seeking interpretation of a report, please quote the AHL laboratory number on the case.  When enquiring about a submission prior to receiving results, please provide your AHL client number, quote owner's name, date submitted, and tests requested.

To initiate or change email or fax reporting, call

AHL - Guelph 519 824-4120 ext 54530

Ownership of submitted materials

Specimens submitted to the University of Guelph, and any information or Intellectual Property identified by or arising from such specimens, belong to the University unless other arrangements are made in writing at the time of submission.