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AHL-Guelph Emails and Phone Numbers

Lab Section Name Email Phone # 519-824-4120 ext.
General email inquiries 54530
Clinical Pathology  
Molecular Biology  
Out-of-hours emergency postmortem service (please leave a message, extra charges apply)     54530
Director Maria Spinato 56895
Administration (Executive Assistant) Helen Oliver 54538
  Sofija Jelacic 54874
Animal Health Network Coordinator     53364
Avian and Fur-Bearing Pathology Emily Martin 54523
  Emily Brouwer 56712
  Andrew Brooks 56788
Bacteriology Durda Slavic 54536
  Sarah Lippert (Technical Supervisor) 56885
Client Services (Specimen Reception; Front Office) 54530
  Tim Pasma(Client Services Veterinarian) 54611 
  Jennifer Zoethout (Technical Supervisor) 54548
  Josie Given (Client OutreachTechnician) 54320
  Rina Pigozzo (Client Services Technician) 54976
Clinical Pathology Kristiina Ruotsalo 54653
  Felipe Reggeti 54993
  Erika Chadwick (Technical Supervisor) 54619
Computer Support 57464
Histology Josepha DeLay 54576
  Laura Austin (Technical Supervisor) 54612
Immunohistochemistry Josepha DeLay 54576
Mammalian Pathology Andrew Brooks 56788
  Josepha DeLay 54576
  Amanda Mansz 56848
  Siobhan O'Sullivan 53376
  Rebecca Egan 56712
Molecular Biology Hugh Cai 54316
  Pat Bell-Rogers (Technical Supervisor) 54086
Mycoplasmology Hugh Cai 54316
Parasitology Tim Pasma 54611 
  Jennifer Zoethout (Technical Supervisor) 54548
Toxicology Felipe Reggeti 54993
  Nick Schrier (Technical Supervisor) 57215
Virology Davor Ojkic 54524
  Joanna Sawicki (Technical Supervisor) 54514

AHL-Kemptville Emails and Phone Numbers

Lab Section Name Email Phone #
General email inquiries  
Veterinarian inquiries Heindrich Snyman (Lab Head) 613-258-8320
  Emily Rätsep 613-258-8320
Specimen Reception Inquiries Thomas McLean 613-258-8320