Submission Forms and Special Projects

Please select and complete the appropriate from from below when submitting samples.

You can also order customized submission forms online by logging in to our Client Access page. 

Supply Request Form

Scrapie Flock Certification Program

Ontario Maedi Visna Flock Status Program

OMAFRA CWD - On Farm Death and Slaughter 

CFIA-Bovine Brucellosis Abortion Screening Pilot Project


External Laboratory Forms

   (These forms have the AHL information already included and require Veterinarian signature)

Current Special Project Forms/Websites

Urolith Submission Forms

AHL - Water Testing Form

(Any water sample coming to the Animal Health Laboratory for testing must include this form signed by the Veterinarian)

Paper copies of the forms can also be ordered via email, fax, or phone.

If you are not sure which form to use, please contact AHL Client Services.