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Producer reports for the species you practice on, that can be used as a resource for your clients, or as material for newsletters, or other communications.


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Disease alerts, research reports, news, resources for each sector.

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Listservs for alternative species, small flock poultry, bees, and fish

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Vision: Public trust and confidence from a collaborative animal health network in OntarioABOUT OAHN

Mission: Coordinated preparedness, early detection, and response to animal disease through sustainable, cross-sector networks


List of Networks available through OAHN

The Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN), funded through the Disease Surveillance Plan, a GF2 funded project, is set up to enhance animal disease surveillance in Ontario.  We have 10 networks, all of which function slightly differently.  The structure for many of the groups is shown below.  Each group meets regularly with experts in the field to look at information (from the laboratory, practitioners, OMAFRA, emerging threats, etc.)  The experts within the group interpret the information and share with producers and veterinarians.  The group can also help prioritize follow-up funds for disease investigations, be called upon in a disease or welfare incident for expertise or action.  Learn more at www.oahn.ca.


OAHN Network structure diagram

Contact information:


519-824-4120 x53364