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Please create a new account, providing the required information below. Our Client Services team will review your request and send a link to create your password once approved. Please note that accounts will only be approved for registered veterinarians, technicians or researchers. Please make sure that you provide information so that we can verify access (clinic / organization name).  Note: If you have an existing University of Guelph central login account, please contact directly to request access to the AHL website/fees.

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How do I get a client login for access?

To get access to the AHL Fee schedule (with prices), please register above. Our Client Services team will review your request and complete the registration process. Once approved a link will be sent with further instructions.

What does this client login give access to?

Logging in to the AHL website allows our veterinary clients to view the AHL Fee schedule (with prices).

All other AHL information is publicly accessible on this website.