AHL LabNote 52-EIA (equine infectious anemia) ELISA at the AHL - Specimen submission requirements

AHL is one of the CFIA-approved laboratories for EIA testing in Canada:

With accreditation comes responsibilities associated with sample submission as outlined in the CFIA regulations. We have a major concern when veterinarians have owners drop off samples directly at the AHL for EIA testing. It’s embarrassing to turn these submissions back, but we cannot accept these submissions!

Please note the excerpt directly from the CFIA Accredited Veterinary Manual:

“Section 3.2. 42:

42. The shipment of samples must never be entrusted to the animal owner or exporter. The accredited veterinarian must be able to maintain a chain of custody for samples shipped to the laboratories.”

This statement is also written in the SOP that AHL uses under the CFIA accreditation program, Therefore, we must never accept a sample directly from an owner or exporter. Please for the sake of your and our accreditation – do NOT have owners submit EIA submissions. As an alternative, AHL has several options for courier services if expedited sample submission is needed:

1.   Local courier options

TODS / Syngistics – please contact AHL for details

2.   Overnight courier options

Purolator courier – included in our fees using our return waybills – please contact us to order at ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca

Labnote 27 Submission Instructions

Labnote 46 Overnight Prepaid Courier Services offered by AHL is continuing with Purolator Express Return Labels!.

Please note – this also applies to the pick up of completed AHL results – AHL must have written permission from the veterinarian to release results to anyone except the veterinarian or CFIA

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We thank you for your business and your interest in AHL and EIA testing.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Jim Fairles

Client Services Veterinarian

ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca  519-824-4120 ext  54530