AHL LabNote 60-Avian reovirus testing of hock joints, sampling and submission

On May 1, 2019 the Animal Health Laboratory, Specimen Reception will be introducing a handling fee for trimming hock joints.  The charge will be $5.00/submission in addition to the Reovirus test fees.  To avoid extra handling fees please trim and pluck the joints before submitting to the laboratory.  Below is a guide for trimming the joints, and packaging prior to submission.

  1. Legs prior to trimming.  Have the proper instruments and materials handy before you begin (gloves, scissors, whirl-pak bags).

hocks on plate


          2. Pluck the legs above and below the joint as much as possible.

plucking feathers

exposing hock

     3. Once the feathers are removed, trim the leg just above and below the hock joint.

trimming above hock trim above hock

     4. Transfer the trimmed hock into a sterile whirl-pak bag.  Clearly label the bag to match the submission form.

place trimmed hock in whirl pak bag seal whirl pak for submission

Dr Jim Fairles Client Services Veterinarian


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