AHL LabNote 51-EquusLINK at the AHL

The CFIA accredited veterinarian manual now includes electronic submissions for EIA testing. AHL offers the use of GlobalVetLink (EquusLink)

One of our objectives is to create time-saving electronic solutions for clients. In discussion with our US colleagues, an electronic solution for regulatory EIA submissions seemed desirable. We thank the CFIA for taking up this initiative.

You can learn more about EquusLINK and sign up for the service here: https://www.globalvetlink.com/products/equuslink/  Click on the sign up tab at the top right.

Advantages of this product include:

  • Faster form completion.
  • Streamlines submission to the lab.
  • No more issues with missing information – information can be updated immediately by the veterinarian.
  • Streamlines sending of test results to CFIA.
  • Embedded color photographs of horses rather than hand drawings.
  • Electronic reporting of results.
  • All results stored for immediate retrieval and immediate use (no more mailing results).

We have found this tool to be beneficial in streamlining EIA submissions, and we are pleased to offer this solution to our clients!

There is a fee from GlobalVetLink for using this service.  Please see their website and discuss directly with GVL.

The lab is also charged – this fee is integrated into the EIA cost.

Submissions – after recording online and collecting the blood there is a form to print out to send with the sample(s).

Purolator courier – included in our cost using our return waybills – please contact us to order at ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca


http://www.guelphlabservices.com/AHL/LabNotes.aspx  Labnote 46.

We thank you for your business and your interest in EquusLINK.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Jim Fairles

Client Services Veterinarian

ahlinfo@uoguelph.ca  519-824-4120 ext  54530

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