AHL OAHN Mink Disease Surveillance Project

The Animal Health Lab and the University of Guelph is currently offering a project called: Developing a Health and Disease Surveillance Network for Ontario Mink Farms to ALL the mink producers in Ontario. The project runs until September 29, 2017.

This project includes Postmortem examinations and Aleutian Disease serology testing provided by the AHL:

1: Postmortem testing for the cost of $65 per submission (maximum five animals per submission and TWO submissions per farm prior to October 31, 2017) including a standard panel of tests in addition to the postmortem (histology; influenza, canine distemper, mink enteritis virus, Aleutian disease viral testing and bacteriology (maximum of 3 samples) valued at $303.00, are run to screen the herd for specific agents as well as determine any current disease processes. Feces are also collected and directed to Dr. Patricia Turner’s research lab for testing valued at $135.00 to determine if other viruses (i.e. astrovirus, rotavirus, mink hepatitis virus) are present in Ontario mink herds.

2: Aleutian Disease annual testing: The cost of up to 200 Aleutian Disease CIE tests valued at $305.00 will be covered by the research project as part of routine monitoring for this disease. The cost of any tests over 200 samples will be billed to the mink producer.

Customized submission forms are required for all submissions and can be found below.

Requirements for the Postmortems:

1): Please completely fill in the customized submission form entitled AHL OAHN MINK PROJECT PM form

2: Provide the name of your veterinarian as the reports ONLY go to the veterinarian

3: Provide payment of $65.00 per submission (you will need to fill in the form OAHN MINK PYMT)

4: Call to let us know that you are submitting mink so we can be prepared for them

Requirements for the AD CIE testing:

1 2. Please completely fill in the customized submission form entitled OAHN Mink Project- Aleutian Disease CIE Testing form

2: Provide the name of your veterinarian as the reports ONLY go to the veterinarian

How to Send Samples/Carcasses to the AHL by Courier:

For couriering samples/carcasses to AHL, producers will need to obtain a Purolator courier waybill from AHL so that the Purolator courier fees are billed to the lab (not to producer). Please email the lab at ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca and ask for a waybill to be sent by email or fax. A printer will be required to print off the waybill if it is sent by email. In either case, the complete producer address (including postal code) needs to be provided in the email request for a Purolator courier waybill.

How to Request Supplies for ADV testing

Supplies ( capillary tubes, cardboard holders, sealant and containers for ADV testing) can also be ordered by emailing ahl.supplies@uoguelph.ca with your name , contact information (in case of questions) and full address (for shipping).

If you have any questions, please contact Marina Brash (X 54550) or Emily Martin (X 54523) at the lab 519-824-4120.


Submission Forms

AHL OAHN Mink Project - Aleutian Disease CIE Testing

AHL OAHN Mink Project - (May 1/16-Oct 31/17) PM

AHL OAHN Mink Project Payment Form